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Goddess Marissa
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Welcome To My World...

Are you ready to experience the erotic pleasures of obedience and submission? Then be prepared for the most erotic roller coaster of your life. I enjoy expressing myself verbally when playing and have a very descriptive imagination. Your sessions can range from light and sensual to extreme and sadistic depending on your interests and my mood. I am fully equipped and capable of accommodating most fetishes, don't have one..... don't worry I'll give you one.

I enjoy most aspects of domination, I feed off your energy just like you feed off mine. I personally enjoy sessions that involve more interaction between us. Sometime before our session starts we will discuss your interests and limits. I will then customize a session for you and incorporate your interests in a way that pleases me. Psychological mind control and manipulating you with my womanly ways is my specialty. I am skilled in most aspects of BDSM, bondage, sissy, slut, slave training, psychological control, and my favorite tease & denial.

Many people have the common misconception that domination is all about abusing your partner which is a common assumption. It is best described as and erotic form of power exchange. If your a novice and would like to take a step beyond your fantasies, your experience will be so much more rewarding when you learn to keep and open mind.
I do not engage in activities that are unsafe or involve sex of any kind. I am not an escort and I do not offer full service. Las Vegas has many escorts if that is what your looking for. I don't have anything against escorts, this is just a service I do not provide. I am one of the very few real skilled Professional Dominatrix's here in Las Vegas. Limits respected and all sessions are safe, sane, and consensual.
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